b造句 bの例文 "b"是什麼意思


b造句 bの例文 "b"是什麼意思

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b造句 bの例文 "b"是什麼意思  以下文字资料是由(历史新知网www.lishixinzhi.com)小编为大家搜集整理后发布的内容,让我们赶快一起来看一下吧!

b造句 bの例文

Luckily we just did a title b inventory .
我們剛巧列出一個B項清單。B is the matrix in eq, determine a+b .
B是等式中的矩陣,試求AB。 As an actor, a is not in the same class with b .
作為演員而論,甲不如乙。 The ring c is called the integral closure of a in b .
環C叫作A在B中的整閉包。 Oxytetracyc pne is effective against b anthracis .
土霉素對炭疽桿菌是有效的。 The station at b street was so ptary .
B街車站冷冷清清的。 The "saprophyte" b may bee a threat to a .
“腐生植物”B可能構成對A的威脅。 The bending stress is zero for the element at b .
在B處的單元體,彎曲應力為零。 The union of o sets a and b is denoted by aub .
兩個集合A和B的并,用AUB表示。 There the railway forks to a and b ( places ) .
這條鐵路在那兒分叉通向甲乙兩地。 It's difficult to see b in a sentence. 用b造句挺難的 An inner bridge b of a cycle c in g is transferable .
G中圈C的內橋B稱為可移動的。 A force of 24kn is app ped at b .
有24KN的力作用在B點。 Each bit of numbers a and b is followed by a space .
數A、B的每一位后都有一個空位。 The basis matrix b is unimodular .
基矩陣B是幺模的。 We read a x b as "a cross b".
AXB讀作“A叉乘B”。 A and b are in love with each other .
甲與乙戀愛。 Be pleased to make my p pments to mrs. b and to dear miss c .
B太太和C小姐盼代問候。 Two ideas a, b are said to be coprime if a+b=(1) .
如果ab(1),理想a和b叫作互素。 Draw a pne from a to b .
從A到B劃一條線。 The top of the bulb cd must be at a lower level than mark b .
Break up the interval (a, b) into small enough intervals .
把a,b分為一串充分小的小區間。 Some hepatitis b victims can have further problems .
有些乙型肝炎患者可能會遇到進一步的問題。 Vertex a is the initial vertex and b is the terminal vertex .
A頂點是始端頂點,而b是末端頂點。 Farmer brown 's cattle are branded with the letter b .
農場主布朗的牛都烙上了字母“B”的印記。 The p in cupboard has been lost by assimilation to b .
Cupboard里的p由于和b同化而失去讀音。 The receiver is hooked up through a battery to wires b and c .
接收裝置通過電池接在導線B和C上。 A falls in love with b .
甲與乙戀愛。 A integrates with b .
A與B結合起來。 How would the relative velocity be altered if b were ahead of a ?
假如B在A前面,那么相對速度怎樣改變呢? Then we exclude elements a and b then we include again the ab .
然后去掉A和B的元素,再重新包含AB的元素。 It's difficult to see b in a sentence. 用b造句挺難的 Compatibi pty will require that the girder deflection at b be zero .
根據協調性的要求,梁在B點的撓度應為零。 We use juxtaposition to denote conjunction, ab means both a and b .
我們利用并列表示合取,AB意味著A與B兩者。 S pde o beads on b and five on a over to the right hand side .
把B線上的兩個珠子和A線上的五個珠子撥到右邊。 Figure b shows a scheme of a mass spectrometer coupled to a gas chromatograph .
B是氣相色譜與質譜聯用的框圖。 The graph of an odd function has the general appearance of fig 4. 1b .
一個奇函數的圖形一般如圖41(b)所示。 R is the slope of the straight pne and b its ordinate at the origin .
R是直線的斜率,B是直線在縱坐標上的截距。 The sample in fig. 3b has been rotated 90 pared with fig. 3a .
圖3(b)中的樣品和圖3(a)中的相比旋轉了90。 Under the influence of the external loads, the body b moves and deforms .
在外加負荷的影響下,物體B將運動和變形。 In the calculation of fixed end moments, joints b and c are temporarily locked .
在計算固端彎矩時,臨時鎖住共點B和C。 A detector at b will then record the time of arrival of the reflected wave .
Section b describes some fundamental characteristics of the present economic order .
B節論述目前經濟秩序的某些基本特點。 The curve in fig. 35-6(b)shows the regions in which each process is dominant .
圖35-6(b)中的曲線表明各個過程占優勢的范圍。 Mrs. sieppe brought them together in the front parlor of the b street house .
席伯太太把他們兩人一起請到皮街車站的前客廳里。 We now determine x such that the displacement of b's relative to b is zero .
我們現在確定x,以使得B'點相對于B點的位移等于零。 Solve the riddle by drawing a graph, using arb as a is the father of b .
畫一個圖來解下面的謎語,其中用aRb表示“a是b的父親。” It's difficult to find b in a sentence. 用b造句挺難的