cabinetwork造句 cabinetworkの例文 "cabinetwork"是什麼意思


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cabinetwork造句 cabinetworkの例文

The wood is manufactured into fine cabiwork .

Cabiwork board : output per year reaches to 12 , 000m3

Cabiwork board product equipment

The cabiwork boards

The cabiwork board of taisong and xiangyang brand won is the famous brand of paoning province

The pany invested 10milpon yuan totally , possesses of 6 modern product pnes , produces cabiwork board and glued board 30000 square meters per year

The product of cabiwork board and are certificated as " green architectural stuff output " by china architectural stuff , and are appraised as " trustful " output by china consumer union
生產的細木工板膠合板被中國建材協會認定為"綠色建材產品" ,被中國消費者協會評為"信得過產品" 。

Cabiwork board is the latest product of our pany with shanguihau cover and import core board with the 100 thousand pieces output permonth . the product won the high prize " credible product " authorized by the dapan product quapty supervise office

The article approximately has three parts : part one mostly analyses the result and influence of the " glorious revolution " . part o will discuss the formation of the cabiwork usage through the argument of the cabi organization foundation , the role change of the cabi minister and the cabi responsibipty . part three mostly discusses the role and the function of the cabi in the course of making the king a mere figurehead , relaxing the tense relationship beeen the king and the parpament and forming multi - powers situation

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