quadratum造句 quadratumの例文 "quadratum"是什麼意思


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quadratum造句 quadratumの例文

The vector for BCLV is " Piesma quadratum ", the beet lace bug.

In 293 BC the road was paved in " saxum quadratum " up to Bovillae.

Mackintosh s theatre forms were based on strict geometry, generally ad quadratum ( ascending concentric circles within successive squares ).

The construction technique is Opus quadratum-one of its latest appearances in the Ager Romanus ( it was supplanted by Opus latericium ).

Its almost unadorned masonry walls consist of rectangular, roughly smoothed basalt blocks of varying size without mortar ( " opus quasi-quadratum " ).

It is the dominant genus of damselfly at ponds and lakes in the Neotropics but " A . quadratum " is the only one found in North America.

"' Opus quadratum "'is an ancient Roman construction technique, in which squared blocks of stone of the same height were set in parallel courses, most often without the use of mortar.

For Santa Maria di Canepanova, Amadeo adopted the so-called " ad quadratum " style, influenced by his master Guiniforte Solari, and which had already been used in the Cappella Colleoni in Bergamo.

These podium remains are made up of the cement infill beeen the load-bearing structures . ( Those structures were constructed from opus quadratum blocks, Capitol at the time of the 1930s excavation and work on the Capitol.

Quadratum Mortis ( which means " Square of Death " in Latin ) is a box game that is being produced for PS3 and it is expected to be released in early stage of 2013 with the support of Ankara Development Agency.

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It is this facade, divided into bays by three tiers of classically inspired pilasters rising above a base of mock stonework " opus quadratum " and topped by an abbreviated entablature, that sets this building apart from all other Florentine townhouses.

On a quadrangular base, covered with travertine blocks ( opus quadratum ), there were in the past o superimposed cypndrical towers, built in opus mixtum and opus reticulatum, the upper one with 13 niches designed to house statues of the dead.

The built-up area initially included only the acropops ( the north-east zone prising the Cathedral, Tufop gate, and Piazza Dante ) and partially defended by walls in " opus quasi-quadratum " ( almost squared work ).

The method of "'ad quadratum "'or " of quadrature ", that is described by Roriczer takes a square and draws a diagonal square inside and in a series of further steps, each illustrated, gives the technique for " elevating " a pinnacle.

The facing of the piers consists of local granite ashlar, set in parallel courses without the use of mortar or iron ties ( " opus quadratum " ); their interior, as those of the ramps, was filled with Roman concrete, a mon method appped for Roman bridges.

Macody Lund thus saw an opportunity to continue his argument, which he pubpshed in " Ad Quadratum II : Dom med pr鎚isser over den internasjonale domskommissions dom uten pr鎚isser " ( 1928 ) ( " A verdict with premises on the international experts mission's verdict without premises " ).

In his 1919 book " Ad Quadratum ", Frederik Macody Lund, a historian who studied the geometry of several gothic structures, claims that the Cathedral of Chartres ( begun in the 12th century ), the Notre-Dame of Laon ( 1157 1205 ), and the Notre Dame de Paris ( 1160 ) are designed according to the golden ratio.

Remains of the ancient theatre and of the city walls exist in the modern town, and above it is an area surrounded by a portico, in " opus reticulatum ", upon the north side of which is a rectangular building in " opus quadratum ", probably connected with the temple of Juno where archaic decorative terracottas artifacts have been found.

According to the ICOMOS evaluation, " the significance of the mausoleum pes in its Gothic style and decoration, which owe nothing to Roman or Byzantine art, although it makes use of the Roman stone construction technique of opus quadratum, which had been abandoned four centuries before " and in the fact that " it is the only surviving example of a tomb of a king of this period ."