jerry can造句 jerry canの例文 "jerry can"是什麼意思


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jerry can造句 jerry canの例文

Square plastic jerry can
方形膠茶桶 Great ! we got the code . the gate is open . jerry can go into the wonderland . let ' s go with him
小朋友真棒!很快就打開了城堡的大門。什么擋住了小精靈的去路呢? (墻)讓我們一起來幫助她吧! Jerry ' s idea turned a pany around . their sales are up 100 percent . now jerry can write his own ticket in this business
譯文:珍妮的點子救活了一家公司,使他們的業務增長了100 % ,現在珍妮就在這個業自訂身價了。 God attempts several times to convince jerry that hes is really god and finally manifests hirmself as an old man wearing glasses and casual clothes so that jerry can municate with hirm and feel more at ease
上帝為了使杰瑞相信?真的是上帝,試了好幾個方法,最后, ?化身為一個戴著眼鏡身穿休閑服的老先生,讓杰瑞能跟?溝通,祛除他心中的疑慮。 Shortly before 7 . 30 pm , customs officers intercepted an ining lorry for search at the sha tau kok control point . as a result , 648 jerry cans ( 16 , 200 ptres ) of duty - not - paid motor spirit falsely declared as organic solvent were found inside the cargo partment
約晚上7時30分,駐守沙頭角邊境管制站的海關人員截查一輛入境的貨車,并于貨斗內發現648膠桶( 16 , 200公升)報稱為有機復合溶劑的未完稅電油。 About three hours later on the same day , customs officers stationing at the lok ma chau control point intercepted another ining lorry for search and found another 659 jerry cans ( 16 , 475 ptres ) of duty - not - paid motor spirit . the motor spirit inside the cargo partment had been falsely declared as pquid detergent
同日約三小時后,落馬洲邊境管制站的海關人員截查另一輛入境的貨車,于貨斗內發現659膠桶( 16 , 475公升)報稱為清洗劑的未完稅電油。 It's difficult to find jerry can in a sentence. 用jerry can造句挺難的