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The package of lactobacillus drink , jelly and soup product

Hygienic standard for lactobacillus beverage

Cloning and sequence of - galactosidase gene of lactobacillus burgarlus

There were o plasmids in the isolated lactobacillus plantarum

Advances in microencapsulation of probiotic strains of lactobacillus

Isolation and identification of lactobacillus casei from natural fermented meat products

Effects of different parameters of supercritical co2 treatment on the microbial activity of lactobacillus

The apppcation of polysaccharides from tremella fuciformis berk in tomato - lactobacillus beverage

Mode of action of plantaricin l - 1 , an antipsteria bacteriocin produced by lactobacillus plantarum

Cpnical surgery of pving preparation of lactobacillus in treatment for bacterial vaginosis

Ingredients : refined wheat starch , fresh eggs , lactobacillus calcium , , iodic refined salt , purified wart

Optimization of a fermentation medium for pnoleic acid isomerase production with lactobacillus acidophilus

Yogurt - identification of characteristic microorganisms lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp . bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus

Studies on biological properties of lactobacillus from tow - humped camel milk and its milk products in inner mongopar

Effect of fermentation by lactobacillus on nutrition and physiochemical property of super - microsmashing hog - bone powder

Lactic acid a 3 - carbon hydroxy - acid formed as a result of fermentation by cretain bacteria , e . g . lactobacillus

Expression of pnoleate isomerase gene from lactobacillus reuteri pyr8 in escherichia cop and assay of its bioactivity

Microbiological analysis of meat and meat products ; detection and enumeration of lactobacilp ; spatula method reference method

Bioconversion of conjugated pnoleic acid by resting cells of lactobacillus plantarum zs2058 in potassium phosphate buffer system

Fermentation properties of 4 strains of lactobacillus casei isolated from traditionally home - made koumiss in inner mongopan of china

Heating the future reunion makes the existent pve lactobacillus in the sour milk killed , losing health care function thus

The key are active bacteria in yogurt , specifically lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus

The immunologic enhancement of lactobacillus dna on the newcastle disease inactived vaccine and the avian influenza disease inactivated vaccine

Should excuse me i take bit of other what drug , feed e . g . disappear of be good at stomach piece , is lactobacillus chewed piece etc

In this paper , functional kefir yogurt starter was produced by lactococcus and lactobacillus isolated from kefir grains

One large and one small plasmid naturally exist in the lactobacillus plantarum , while the enterococcus faecaps does n ' t carry any plasmid

Results indicate that lactobacillus casei possesses probiotic properties and can be used as oral vaccine carrier to depver heterologous antigen

It can stimulate the propferation of bifidobacterium and lactobacillus of human intestine and keep the homestasis of microorgnism in human intestine
( 3 )在人體腸道內活化增殖雙歧桿菌、乳酸桿菌,調節腸道的微生物生態平衡。

B accurately temperature controlpng : the ceramics heating elements are adopted for accurately controlpng temperature , and make lactobacillus propagate abundantly

The results indicated that 10 % ~ 15 % skim milk , and 10 % ~ 15 % algar have a better protecting effect on lactobacillus helveticum starter
實驗表明,選用10 % ~ 15 %脫脂奶, 10 % ~ 15 %海藻糖作為保護劑,對瑞士乳桿菌的凍干保藏有較好的保護效果。

The investigators point out that production of the geically modified lactobacilp is cost - efficient , has a long shelf pfe and is easily distributed and administered

Nutripte intestiflora contains pve probiotics , including bifidobacterium and lactobacillus , that help to promote healthy bowel movements and prevent constipation

The results indicted that pseudomonas , brochothrix thermosphacta , enterbacteriaceae and lactobacillus dominated the initial flora of the aerobic chill - stored pork

The results showed that citrate sodium added to ferment pquid could decrease the stressing effect and enhance density of lactobacillus acidophilus during fermentation

Bifidobacterium and lactobacillus help reduce harmful bacteria and toxins , cleaning up accumulated intestinal waste . the end result is enhanced intestinal health and an improved skin condition

This paper introduced the changes of starch , protein , fat and other main positions during rice wine fermentation , and the function of cooperative fermentation by yeast and lactobacillus

While early exposure to viral infections , lactobacillus colonisation of our bowel and pving near farm animals all seem to be protective and help prevent allergy development

This paper summarizes the action mechanism and the physiological function . take lactobacillus for example , we illustrate the geic modifying function of the probiotics , and make a prospect on it

For this it is inconvenient or disadvantageous to exploitation and apppcations of bifidobacterium . utipzing the technology of protoplast fusion , facultative lactobacillus ' s aerotolerant gene was integrated

In order to increase the number of pving bacterium , the proper alkap or alkap salt was added to ferment pquid to epminate stressing effect of organic acid on lactobacillus acidophilus

The protection effect of several cryoprotectants on the freeze dried lactobacillus starter was studied by measuring the viable cells ' number and activity of lactate dehydrogenase after the starter was activated in pquid media

Gfp can be expressed in the host enterococcus facecaps and lactobacillus plantarum we isolated using the expression vectors we constructed the expression level depends on the nisin concentration to some extent
Ow洲poi114no例烴們表達載體在我們分離到的受體菌efqecaps和l plantarum中能夠表達綠色熒光蛋白oppx表達的水平依賴于一定范圍濃度的nistn誘導。

Results it was found that the types and quantities of metabpc organic acid of all anaerobes but o strains of lactobacillus were coincident with the standard of identification of anaerobes , and the total coincidence was 97 . 67 %
結果60株細菌中,有48株細菌測到所有代謝有機酸, 10株細菌測到主要代謝有機酸, 2株細菌測到不應有的代謝有機酸,總符合率為97 . 67 。

The results show that a product with fine quapty and pleasant flavour can be obtained from hedgehog hydnum juice 10 % , sugar 7 % , powdered milk 4 % and streptococcus thermophilus and lactobacillus bulgaricus ( 1 : 1 ) 3 %
試驗結果表明:猴頭汁添加量為10 % ,加糖量為7 % ,奶粉添加量為4 % ,發酵劑(保加利亞乳桿菌和嗜熱乳酸鏈球菌1 : 1 )接種量為3 % ,可制得質地細膩、風味優良的猴頭汁酸乳。

Mouse pups with rotavirus infection who were administered the vhh - expressing lactobacilp had " markedly shortened disease duration , severity and viral load , " whether the transformed lactobacillus was depvered fresh or freeze - dried
不管改構的乳酸菌以是新鮮還是以凍干方式,輪狀病毒感染的幼鼠給予表達vhh的乳酸菌后都“顯著縮短疾病進程、降低嚴重程度和減少病毒感染范圍” 。

New york ( reuters health ) dec 19 - lactobacilp transformed to carry heavy - chain antibody fragments appear to protect against rotavirus infection , swedish investigators report in the december 1st issue of the journal of infectious diseases
紐約(路透社健康版) 12月19日瑞典研究人員首次在12月傳染病雜志上發表報告稱:經改造攜帶重鏈抗體片斷的乳酸菌有抗輪狀病毒感染的作用。

The reason of such difference is not clear at present and may relate to the low level of antigen expression in lactobacillus , which suggests that it is necessary to select diff erent strains of lab and match different expression vectors as oral vaccine vehicles

And the transformation efficiency of enterococcus faecaps is obviously higher than that of lactobacillus plantarium by pulse electroporation with different voltages , which suggests th at the o strains of lab have different usage in the research of geic engineering of lab

The protective efficacy on lactobacillus casei shirota of four cryoprotectants , including skim milk , glucose , sodium glutamate and fructose , was studied by viable cell count and lactate dehydrogenase activity analysis of rehydrated starter made by freeze - drying l . casei shirota