hyp造句 hypの例文 "hyp"是什麼意思


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hyp造句 hypの例文

It mainly defines the advances of research in the relationship beeen the excretion of hyp and the condition of ruminant nutrition

Achievement of research and development of hydroxypropne ( hyp ) is reviewed with 37 cited references , including four parts , i . e . , unbalanced hyp level and diseases , detecting methods and their apppcation , manufacture techniques and prospects

Results pulmonary coefficient was significantly lower in all the drug intervening groups than that in the model group p0 05 , improvement on alveoptis and pulmonary fibrosis were also shown after intervention , especially in the hxd prevention group pwtbz005 . hyp content in lung tissue and tgf 1 content in balf lowered at the same time
結果各藥物干預組與bm組比較,小鼠肺系數明顯下降p005肺泡炎纖維化程度均有改善p005 ,其中化纖湯預防治療組改善最明顯肺hyp含量下降p005 balf中tgf 1含量亦明顯下降。

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