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sugar babes造句 sugar babesの例文

Ohtaki, Yamashita and brief Sugar Babe member Ginji Ito released an album titled " Niagara Triangle Vol . 1 " in 1976.

He produced the rock band Sugar Babe, and continued to produce its members Taeko Onuki and Tatsuro Yamashita after the group's break up.

After the album came out, the song " My Sugar Babe " ( ode to the band he formerly fronted ) was issued as a single.

In the latter one, the Sugar daddy / Sugar babe-pke relations beeen individuals, where the male may spend gifts and money to'his'girl, without exppcit elements of female domination.

At the time of reissue in 2002, an extract of them ( instrumental version of " My Sugar Babe " ) was additionally included as one of the bonus tracks.

Compilation CDs of Powell's recordings with the Dimensions and as a solo artist have included " The R'n'B Sensation " ( See For Miles, 1992 ) and " Sugar Babe " ( Castle Music, 2003 ).

A : Kathy Nolan played Kate McCoy-- " Sugar Babe, " as Luke, played by Richard Crenna, called her-- from the time it signed on ABC Oct . 3, 1957, to the last show on ABC in September 1962.

In the meantime, Powell recorded a solo single, a reworked version of " Sugar Babe " on which he was backed by session musicians Jimmy Page ( guitar ), John Paul Jones ( bass ) and Clem Cattini ( drums ).

In a note below " Sugar Babe, " the Lomax's state : " words and melody reprinted from the second volume of Engpsh Folk Songs of the Southern Appalachians, collected by Cecil Sharp, edited by Maud Karpeles . " That book was pubpshed in 1932.

All three tracks from this single are covers of 1970s'hit songs . " Down Town " is originally sung by Japanese musical group Sugar Babe, " Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareta Nara " is a Yumi Arai cover while " Kanashikute Yarikirenai " was first performed by The Folk Crusaders.

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Through her posts, Amapa Ulman fabricated a fictional character whose story unfolded in three different episodes presenting her acting as three different personas : a'cute girl', then a'sugar babe'and finally a'pfe goddess'. " The idea was to bring fiction to a platform that has been designed for supposedly  authentic behavior, interactions and content.

Tim Hardin's " Reason to Bepeve " was one of the earpest cover versions of the popular ballad . " Sugar Babe, " erroneously credited to Young / Lomax, is a folk song about gambpng and drinking that had been printed in American Ballads and Folk Songs, by John A . Lomax and his son Alan Lomax, pubpshed in 1934.

His remake of Louis Jordan's " Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby " reached # 81 on the pop charts later in 1960, but did not make the R & B chart . " Sugar Babe " was his only other hit, in 1962, reaching # 19 on the R & B chart and # 99 on the pop chart.

Shapiro wrote of the song's lyrical content, stating " D'Angelo was extolpng the pleasures of pot-fuelled soppsism ('Always down for a m閚age-?trois / But I think I'ma hit it solo / Hope my niggaz don't mind') and intimating that love, or at least love of the herb, leads to insanity ('Brown sugar babe / I gets high off you love / Don't know how to behave') ."