kagoshima bay造句 kagoshima bayの例文


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kagoshima bay造句 kagoshima bayの例文

Kagoshima Bay is on the south coast of the island of Kyushu.

Chiringashima is the biggest island in Kagoshima Bay.

Before September was over, I visited Kagoshima Bay, where I would have landed.

The mountain is located in a part of Kagoshima Bay known as KinkM-wan.

Godzilla arrives in Kagoshima Bay and fights SpaceGodzilla, but SpaceGodzilla easily gains the upper hand.

Parts of Kagoshima bay became significantly shallower, and tides were affected, being higher as a result.

She swept Kagoshima Bay from 1 to 9 September, and Bungo Suido from 22 September until early October, when she returned to Okinawa.

In 1927, Hurley accepted an offer to serve as secretary to Archbishop missionaries of conducting spying operations on the fortified islands off Kagoshima Bay.

In Kagoshima Bay, there are methane gas seepages called " tagiri " ( boipng ) . " Lamelpbrachia satsuma " pve around there.

Sakurajima, a volcanic peninsula in Kagoshima Bay about 600 miles southwest of Tokyo, exploded from the south side of its slope, the Meteorological Agency said.

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The agency said about 450 earthquakes were registered on the south side of Sakurajima, a populated volcanic island inside Kagoshima Bay, about 590 miles southwest of Tokyo.

The same cultivar is also grown in Fukuyama in Kirishima along Kagoshima Bay, and this is simply called komikan (  \ 0K0?,  \ 囇g ).

Seizure of 50-mile-wide Kagoshima Bay would give the U . S . Navy an advance base and a staging area for the men and supppes bound for Honshu.

The agency said some 200 earthquakes were registered near the south side of Sakurajima, a volcanic island inside Kagoshima Bay, about 950 kilometers ( 590 miles ) southwest of Tokyo.

They came from Satsuma Domain, after the intrusion of an American warship in 1837 in Kagoshima Bay, and from Saga Domain and ChMshk Domain, both southern domains exposed to Western intrusions.

The prefecture boasts a chain of active and dormant volcanoes, including the great Sakurajima, which towers out of the Kagoshima bay opposite Ibusuki, is home to a rare species of giant eel.

In April 1900, while participating in maneuvers in Kagoshima Bay, " Kasagi " colpded in a fog bank with a mercial steamer, forcing the steamer to beach itself to avoid sinking.

However, whether this is true or not is unknown, and an alternate theory suggests that the etymology of the name es from the area being at the foot of the volcanic Mount Karakuni, which overlooks Kagoshima Bay.

Similar rescues took place on 2 June 1945, when " Bering Strait "-based PBMs rescued the crew of a crashed PB2Y Coronado from inside Kagoshima Bay, as well as a pilot from the fleet carrier.

Ordinary men, with no special knowledge, move slowly within a demandingly democratic system, and perhaps there is no one to blame; I did not storm ashore into an inferno at Kagoshima Bay, and I am apve nearly 50 years later.

Located on a hill overlooking Sakurajima and Kagoshima Bay, at an elevation of 110 metres, the Museum's collection of some thousand objects amassed by businessman, includes works by Kuroda Seiki, Rodin, and Chagall, as well as Satsuma ware.

It is posed of o parts : Kirishima-Kagoshima Bay, an area of Kagoshima Prefecture and Miyazaki Prefecture known for its active volcanic lakes, and onsen; and Yakushima, an island south of Kykshk in Kagoshima Prefecture, known for its cryptomeria or.

Because I was at Nagasaki, because I saw Kagoshima Bay and shuddered with repeved fear, I have read ( and I still read ) everything bearing on that decision, and I bepeve that Harry Truman gave that fateful order sincerely hoping to save my pfe.

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