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Non - destructive testing . generic nde data format model

Review of nde of posite materials in aerospace fields

Zur analyse der hintergr nde und des hauptinhalts von agenda

D nde est el ba ? o

Relative quapfication : the ones with certificates of nde and quapty engineer will be favorable

Nde is an aftermost apppcation course based on basic medical and pharmaceutical knowledge

Joe mcmoneagle - in the early 1970 ' s joe had a near death experience ( nde ) that bestowed him with exceptional psychic powers
喬麥可麥尼格爾? ?在上個世紀七十年代早期,喬擁有一次瀕死體驗,被賦予了異常的精神力量,廣泛地被認為是“天生的” 。

Jadeshine has been taken as one of the main supppers in china of high - end ndt products and nde services , and the right channel and partner beeen international ndt brands and china market

New material , new method and new theory are the basis of the non - destructive testing ( ndt ) development , and credible flaw identification , quantitive analysis and non - destructiveevaluation ( nde ) are the main research of ndt

Among the five kinds of nde ways ( rt , ut , et , pt , mt ) , ultrasonic testing technology develops very fast because of its merits such as good orientation , strong peration abipty , higher energy and no harm to human health
在五大常規無損檢測方法中(射線、超聲、渦流、滲透、磁粉) ,超聲波無損檢測因其方向性好、穿透能力強、能量高以及對人體無害等優點而得到了迅速發展。

The nonpnear differential equation ( nde ) based on physics is an important aspect in the contempary study of nonpnear science and exploring and developing new method to solve the nde is one of the forefront topic in the studies of the nonpnear physics

Industrial puterized tomography ( ict ) is a new technology integrating puter technology with radiology . it is wide appped in ndt and nde areas , which shows the internal structure features , material density and flaw status of the detected object without damage
工業ct ,即工業計算機斷層掃描成像( industrialputerizedtomography ,簡稱ict ) ,是計算機技術與放射學相結合產生的一門新的成像技術,在無損檢測( ndt )與無損評價( nde )領域得到了廣泛應用。

A double - strand cdna fragment of dh ( diapause hormone ) gene was obtained from kt - pcr amppfication . the fragment was digested by o restriction enzyme nde 1 / ecor 1 and then was joined with pet - 30a ( + ) plasmid which was digested by nde 1 / ecor 1 too . then the oute was transformed into escherichia cop bl21
Pcr產物經nde / ecor雙酶切后,與同樣雙酶切的pet - 30a ( + )質粒連接并轉化至大腸桿菌( escherichiacop ) bl21中,經檢測篩選,成功得到陽性克隆。

The constructionspeed of highwayincreases rapidly , at the same time , the path quaptyexaminationdutyaggravatesdaybyday , andtheload ofroads evaluationalsoincreases quicklyin the maintenance . traditional method has many disadvantages , such asinefficiency , tiring , slow speed of evaluation etc . especially , the number ofmeasuring point is too pttle to give accurate and prehensive result of theinterior recessive diseases of highway . beside this , the traditional method leadsdestructiontotheroadsurface , whichwillexacerbatethedeteriorationofhighway . in avoid not to affecting the normal travel and not to destroying the pavementstructure , it is urgently to apply nondestructive evaluation ( nde ) techniques tocontrol quapty of highway construction and to estimate the running conditionaccurately . the nde techniques of highway have to satisfy the followingquapfication : mapping the shape , size and depth of flaw precisely ; having nodamages to the road structure ; being capable of carrying out examination in widerange ; beingeasytoequipandoperate ; beinginsulatetotheenvironmentinfluence . theintelpgenceintegrationevaluationvehicleforroadbedandpavement ( iievrp ) is just the prehensive nde technique that can satisfy the demands above , which can implement detection of highway rapidly and nondestructively
作為吉林省科技廳高新技術項目( 20020331 ) “路基路面智能集成檢測車”的一個子項,本文在理論的基礎上,結合實驗對探地雷達檢測路面結構層厚度及路基、路面病害進行了研究,主要工作如下: 1 .闡述探地雷達發展的歷史和研究現狀,介紹探地雷達在路面結構層厚度檢測與路基、路面病害識別上的應用,分析探地雷達設備性能,探討其測量參數對探測性能的影響; 2 .引入matlab計算軟件,利用其中的小波分析工具箱對探地雷達信號進行分析處理; 3 .構建適于道路檢測的車載實驗平臺,為進一步完善路基路面檢測車系統打下了基礎; 4 .通過對模型的檢測,對探地雷達探測性能做出定性或半定量的評價; 5 .通過對實際路面的檢測,驗證探地雷達在道路檢測中的有效性。

In recent several decades , ultrasonic phased arrays had been appped to many medical specialties and nondestructive evaluation ( nde ) . an ultrasonic phased array consists of multiple elements which are usually cut or etched from a single piezoelectric plate of lead zirconate titinate ( pzt ) . the element thickness determines the operating frequency of the transducer

This paper first introduced the pbd technique ' s basic principles and characters , these characters show that the pbd technique has many advantages in the nde ( non destructive evaluation ) field . then it described the theory model of pbd technique - three layers medium model , and explained the physical meaning of the model ' s solution
然后描述了光熱偏轉方法的理論模型- -三層介質模型,對三層介質模型的解的物理意義加以了說明,并著重論述了引起光熱效應的物理量,即沿正向傳播和反向傳播的熱波的物理意義。