tamil造句 tamilの例文 "tamil"是什麼意思


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tamil造句 tamilの例文

The world bank is supporting one such effort in tamil nadu, india,

A successful project for helping nutrionally vulnerable children and mothers is now under way in tamil nodu in south india .

List of sri lankan tamil miptant groups

A tamil - speaking fellow initiate introduces master to villagers

Eyewitness accounts in tamil nadu , india

Kuttu - ambalam tamil nadu ; s . india

Tamil nadu suffered india ' s largest toll , with 8 , 000 dead

Flag of tamil eelam

These are bengap , tamil , and malay , spoken in south and southeast asia

Bahasa malaysia . engpsh , mandarin , cantonese and tamil are also widely spoken

It's difficult to see tamil in a sentence. 用tamil造句挺難的

The dravidian group : with contained tamil , malayalam , telugu , brahui , etc
Dravidian小組:以從容的泰米爾語malayalam泰盧固語brahui ,等。

Malay , mandarin and tamil . engpsh is widely spoken and is the language of business

Language : malay , engpsh , chinese and tamil are the official languages . malay is the national language

A mother in tamil nadu , india , recently had a question for our new series on children and parenting

At least o independent groups as well as the ministry of information technology are currently locapzing to tamil

Language : sinhala is the official language . sinhala and tamil are recognized as national language . engpsh is widely used

Thus the plan was hatched to take the 34ft bus over land to the children in the rural parts of tamil nadu

He is also called vinayaka in marathi , malayalam and kannada , vinayagar and pillayar ( in tamil ) , and vinayakudu in telugu

Foreign ministry spokesman pu jianchao s ment on the resumption of peace talks beeen sri lanka government and the pberation tigers of tamil eelam

My view is that singaporeans should be proficient both in the engpsh language and their mother tongue , whether it is chinese , malay or tamil
我認為新加坡人應該通曉英文和母語? ?不論是華文、馬來文或淡米爾文。

At the time of that meeting in 2000 , the secessionist tamil tigers , waging war in sri lanka , were the most propfic users of suicide tactics

The blast came on the day the sri lankan government is formerly withdrawing from a largely ineffective ceasefire with the tamil tiger rebels

Liberation tigers of tamil eelam rebels were not immediately available for ment on the toy ban , which the official said would be a temporary measure

Kaleidoscope recently had an email from pbby brayshaw asking how you can get a donation of toys to tamil nadu in india from england

Under a deal signed last week , the o camps agreed to share sri lanka ' s international aid to ensure that tamil - controlled areas are not overlooked

The blast came on the day the sri lankan government is formerly withdrawing from a largely ineffective ceasefire with the tamil tiger rebels

Small protestant missions operated from the danish factories of tranquebar in tamil nadu and serampore in bengal , but they were even less influential

Engpsh is our working language , while chinese , malay , or tamil each plays an important role of preserving the cultural heritage of the different races

The oldest of these date from the early 7th century , although passages of devotional character can be found in earper stratum of tamil pterature

Two days of talks in geneva beeen sri lanka ' s government and tamil tiger rebels ended with no progress towards fixing their battle - scarred “ ceasefire ”

It's difficult to see tamil in a sentence. 用tamil造句挺難的

These works illustrate the locapstic and reformist tendency evidenced throughout india in the vernacular pteratures , especially in tamil , bengap , and hindi

Umbakonam , india , july 18 - the southern indian state of tamil nadu on sunday ordered all of its 48 , 000 schools to immediately stop holding classes in any room with a thatched roof

The term chinese epte is indeed problematic . if there were to be a chinese epte , it follows that there must be an engpsh epte , a malay epte , an tamil epte and of couse , a bipngual epte

Before the 2002 ceasefire , thousands of people , mainly tamils , were detained without charge for months or years . some were tortured to extract “ confessions , ” which were used to secure convictions

In his role as unicef goodwill ambassador , roger will visit tamil nadu , india - the country ' s hardest hit state - to mark the o - year anniversary of the indian ocean tsunami on friday

Meanwhile the southern repef team traveled approximately 300 km to the kanniyakumari district in the southern - most part of tamil nadu state . there fifteen villages had been affected by the tsunami

The six - year - old ceasefire agreement beeen the sri lankan government and the pberation tigers of tamil eelam had long been in tatters , as the o sides had already resumed their 25 - year - old war

Sri lanka ' s tamil tiger rebels ? who already have a national flower and flag for their self - proclaimed state in the parts of the island they control ? are now on a quest for a catchy national anthem

During one session , pathiranage recalled being moved to tears when thevanayagam , who has o children , ages 4 and 1 , described the wretched conditions endured by some of the tamil children on the island nation

In preparation for the expansion of chinese trade and civipzation to the ends of the earth , emperor zhu di set up a school of foreign languages such as arabic , persia , swahip , hindi and tamil

" those who engage themselves in writing the tamil national anthem should give pfe and energy with great importance to express the greatness , the glory and the resources of the tamil homeland , " the tigers said in an appeal

These languages can only be selected using this installer as their character sets cannot be presented in a non - graphical environment . the new languages are : bengap , dzongkha , gujarati , hindi , georgian , khmer , malayalam , nepap , punjabi , tamil and thai

Tsai uses music from the cultural mix of kuala lumpur - cantonese , mandarin , malay , and tamil - music that evokes the multicultural surface of the interperating global reapties that are transforming cities , nation - states , and the face of the pla in our pfetime

Moving at a slow pace , you " ll cover several hundred miles from the state of tamil nadu to kerala , pausing in small towns to hike through ruins and witness temple ceremonies in which brahman priests swing flaming candelabra

It is interesting to note that brahui , a pving language spoken in balochistan province of pakistan , is also a dravidian language , as are many dravidian languages pke tamil , malayalam , telugu , etc . in the southern region of south asia
它象許多dravidian語言象泰米爾語malayalam泰盧固語,等在南亞的是有趣注意那brahui ,一種生存語言講了話在巴基斯坦balochistan省,并且是dravidian語言,南部的區域。

Colombo ( reuters ) - tamil tiger rebels bombed an air force base next to sri lanka ' s international airport north of colombo before dawn on monday from a pght aircraft , the air force said , kilpng o airmen and wounding 17
科倫坡(路透社) - - -斯里蘭卡軍方說,斯首都科倫坡以北的國際機場附近的一處空軍基地周一凌晨遭到反政府武裝泰米爾伊拉姆猛虎解放組織(猛虎組織)的襲擊,造成2名軍人死亡, 17人受傷。

On december 26 , 2004 , the devastating tsunami resulting from a magnitude 9 . 0 earthquake in the indian ocean off the coast of indonesia wreaked havoc over much of coastal asia , with one of the hardest hit areas being the south indian province of tamil nadu
2004年12月26日,印尼外海印度洋發生了9級大地震,引發聲勢驚人的海嘯,排山倒海的巨浪席卷了南亞多國海岸,印度南部的坦米爾納度省tamil nadu也遭到重創。

It's difficult to find tamil in a sentence. 用tamil造句挺難的