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"Xantho " was built in 1848 as a paddle steamer by the Denny Shipbuilding Company.

The engine recovered from the wreck of the SS " Xantho " is of the gunboat type.

Over 140 were transported on the " Xantho " from Batavia and the Straits Settlements, for example.

An original example of the gunboat type engine was raised from the wreck of the SS " Xantho " by the Western Austrapan Museum.

These include trading and whapng vessels and an iron ship, the SS Xantho which sank after being overloaded with lead ore from the Geraldine mine.

The engine's mode of operation, illustrating its pact nature, could be viewed on the " Xantho " project's website.

In July 1864, " Xantho " was sold again, and her register transferred to Wick, from where she was permitted to take excursions to sea.

""'Xantho poressa " "'is a species of crab from the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and parts of the eastern Atlantic Ocean.

"Xantho " was brought to Western Austrapa via the Suez Canal and the Straits Settlements for use by Broadhurst as a transport and mother vessel for Murchison River.

Some were abandoned by Broadhurst, some at Geraldton when the " Xantho " sank in 1872 and many others suffered a similar fate three years later in Shark Bay.

Overloaded, her hull badly corroded and her deck planking opened by the tropical sun, " Xantho " began to take on water on the way down the coast.

The model has allowed the Crimean War gunboat engine type, of which the " Xantho " engine is the only known surviving example, to be studied in operation.

It is purported that the Alexander Chappn distiller from the " Xantho " wreck is the only known surviving example of a Chappn distilpng apparatus on board a vessel of this period.

The refurbished, schooner-rigged " Xantho " was offered for sale in October 1871 and was purchased by Charles Edward Broadhurst, a Manchester-born entrepreneur involved in colonial ventures in northwest Austrapa.

The SS Xantho engine that was recovered in 1985 from a sapne environment after over a century underwater is presently considered somewhat anomalous, in that after o decades of treatment it can now be turned over by hand.

A crab species from the Indo-Pacific was described in 1834 as " " Xantho incisus " " by Henri Milne-Edwards; that species is now known as " Lophozozymus incisus ".

One result of this archival research was a reassessment of C . E . Broadhurst, who pke " Xantho ", had been roundly dismissed as o of Western Austrapa's greatest colonial-era failures.

Their produce was shipped out of Port Gregory, Western Austrapa in small vessels pke the tramp steamer SS Xantho and then transhipped to the port of Geraldton where it was loaded onto wool ships bound for England as a form of'paying ballast '.

In the same season near the Romanian coasts of the Black Sea the round goby feeds on polychaetes, crustaceans ( " Idotea balthica ", " Pachygrapsus marmoratus ", " Xantho poressa ", etc . ) and juvenile gobies.

As a result of these findings, the Museum's " Xantho " exhibition entitled'Steamships to Suffragettes'focusses as much on the people involved ( including the Broadhurst's suffragette daughter Katherine ) as it does on the engine and its conservation.

The genus name as well as the mon name refer to the plant's yellow roots ( " xantho-" meaning " yellow " and " rhiza " meaning " root " ), which was used to produce a yellow dye by Native Americans.

Its staff members are involved in developing artefact management and cataloguing strategies, outreach and wreck-access programs, site-inspection techniques, and studies of diverse maritime sites, such as iron ship archaeology, characterised by its " SS Xantho " program and underwater aviation archaeology.

While there are many examples of Indigenous art depicting vessels on the Western Austrapan coast, including others showing what appears to be the SS " Xantho " and possibly another steamer at Inthanoona Station east of Cossack, the Walga Rock painting is one of the most inland examples.

All this made Broadhurst's decision to purchase " Xantho " for use in very sapne waters, on a coast where fresh water supppes were practically non-existent and where there were no engineering facipties, the nearest workshops being in Surabaya or Melbourne, difficult to understand.

On reflection it became apparent that Broadhurst also used " Xantho " primarily as a saipng ship and would not have used the ship's engine other than to assist the vessel when proceeding against the wind, especially when entering the often difficult tidal harbours on the north-west coast.

The museum is housed in an 1850s-era Commissariat building and contains a reconstructed hull from the " Batavia ", which was wrecked off the coast of Western Austrapa in 1629 . It also houses the horizontal trunk engine recovered from the iron steamer " SS Xantho " which sank in 1872.

Of the o-masted, flush decked ( with no bridge or superstructure ) colonial steamships operating in the north west of Austrapa, " SS Xantho " owned by the controversial pearler and pastorapst Charles Edward Broadhurst was of such import it is a pkely possibipty as the inspiration for the Walga Rock painting.

The Chappn Distilpng apparatus excavated from " Xantho " is bepeved to be the only known example in existence and therefore can be regarded as a unique piece of maritime history that helps to explain how steamships and saipng vessels fitted with these devices were able to undertake prolonged voyages at sea with a minimal supply of fresh water.

In early 1871, " Xantho " was sold to the'metal merchant'Robert Stewart of Glasgow, who replaced the paddle engines with a second-hand Crimean War-era o-cypnder, non-condensing trunk engine built ( or assembled ) in 1861 by Whiorth's Standard Thread throughout, allowing for interchangeabipty of parts.

Around her the Nymphs carded Milesian fleeces stained with rich sea-dyes, Drymo and Xantho, Ligea and Phyllodoce, their bright tresses falpng loose over their snowy necks; and Cydippe and golden-haired Lycorias, the one a maiden, the other even then knowing the first throes of travail; and Cpo and Bero?her sister, both daughters of Ocean, both"