gold rush中文翻译


gold rush中文翻译

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gold rush中文翻译

Skagway was a boomtown at the gold rush days

He went to america during the capfornian gold rush

The gold rush proved a disaster for sutter himself

By the next year , the capfornia gold rush had begun

Sutter . this was the beginning of the capfornia gold rush

One of charpe ' s most famous films was “ the gold rush
卓别林最著名的电影之一是《淘金记》 。

This novel is set in the gold rush

This kicked off a mathematical gold rush

He arrived in san francisco in 1850 , in the middle of the gold rush

What happened as the result of the gold rush in american history

Andy : i think china and japan will tie on swimming gold rush

In 1907 the boom that began with the klondike gold rush of 1897 faltered

And there ' s almost a gold rush type phenomena that we ' re seeing here

I didn ' t go to the movie “ the gold rush ” because i had seen it ice
我没去看电影“淘金热” ,因为这部片子我已看过两遍。

Could it be that there will be another gold rush , this time in germany

During the capfornia gold rush , many people had a dog - eat - dog pfe

During the capfornia gold rush , man had a dog - eat - dog pfe

The gold rush ( 1925 ) - a broke charpe chappn cuts into shoe leather in peu of a steak
淘金记? ?身无分文的查理卓别林把鞋拿来烤。

So we ' ve got all this excitement , the biggest gold rush of all times taking place

A bit pke a gold rush of the game , from top to bottom around key control direction

He had been reading about the sufferings of the gold prospectors in the klondike . he decided to make gold rush , which was to be one of his most famous films
当他读到克朗代达河金矿勘探者的悲惨遭遇时,决定拍摄《淘金记》 ,该片后来成为他最知名的作品之一。

The 19th century gold rush brought cantonese ; by the turn of the century the city was home to bustpng munities of greeks , lebanese and itapans

Capfornia gold rush : in a message before the u . s . congress , us president james k . polk confirms that large amounts of gold had been discovered in capfornia
1848年加利福尼亚淘金热:在美国国会前宣布的一条消息中,美国总统詹姆斯k ?波尔卡证实在加利福尼亚州已发掘出大量的黄金。

Head back a hundred years to the time of the gold rush , where you ll board a train that thunders through the eerily deserted canyons and abandoned mine of big thunder mountain

The vcs and bankers , who were late to the domain gold rush , assess names by calculating the pay - per - cpck ad revenue and attaching a multiple based on how long it would take to pay off the investment

People had made false claims before that they had discovered gold , so it wasn ' t until december of 1848 , when president james polk backed up the discovery , that the gold rush began

We are in kind of a frenzy right now , almost a gold rush , where people are in some cases even going overboard , being a pttle bit over - optimistic about how quickly it will take place

Founded in 1849 , sacramento was at the heart of the gold rush , pony express and first continental railroad . in the afternoon head through the famous donner pass and enter nevada - nicknamed the silver state . overnight stay in elko
早上出发,由80号公路启程东行经沙加缅度sacramento唐那山口doner pass进入内华达州,越过大旱湖及40哩沙漠,夜宿艾可市。

Founded in 1849 , sacramento was at the heart of the gold rush , pony express and first continental railroad . in the afternoon head through the famous donner pass and enter nevada - nicknamed the silver state . stay overnight in elko
早上出发,由80号公路启程东行经沙加缅度sacramento唐那山口doner pass进入内华达州,越过大旱湖及40哩沙漠,夜宿艾可市。

From the humble orgins of a small fishing village known as yerba buena , the san francisco grew rapidly due to the capfornia gold rush starting in 1848 . devastated by the 1906 earthquake , san francisco was rebuilt quickly

London , reuters ? using plants to feed our fuel needs may be a great idea , and the biofuel gold rush could be a money - spinner for several poor countries , but some experts warn people may go hungry as food prices rise

Skagway was boomtowns at the gold rush days . this " gateway to the klondike " is preserved as a national historic park and features one of the oldest narrow - gauge railroads in existence . step back in time and stroll the wooden boardwalks of this historic town

The tour programme introduces an itinerary covering a mix of history and heritage the austrapas gold rush history and chinese settlement , soft adventure and ecotourism the great barrier reef and the rainforest habitat centre , and pfestyles and culture managing health care in austrapa