Saving resources,starting from me,节约资源从我做起英语作文800字


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Saving resources,starting from me,节约资源从我做起英语作文800字

With the invention of human life has bee better, but the unrestricted felling of trees, the earth lost its natural protective layer, tropical forests are shrinking rapidly, it is estimated that it is 110 thousand square kilometers per year at reduced speed. Had a clear bottoming out of the river has bee black, some are long full of green grass, fish and shrimp that fresh air, all floating in the water. Human beings for their own lives, opened the field and tens of thousands of factories, sewage was discharged into the river, the river became a waste River; exhaust straight into the sky, bee turbid air pollution, is no longer any "blue sky; blue, to be black exhaust Xunde; discharged from the exhaust gas, dispersed in four weeks, all the air has been polluted.

People now have been abusing water, but have they ever thought about the consequences of doing this? I believe we should have seen a TV advertisement: the picture presented a faucet has been slowly dripping a few drops after no water, then there was a tears in the eyes, it is out of our students all know the slogan: "if we don't cherish today a drop of water, so we see the last drop of water will be our tears!"

As the population increases, water resources are less and less, and the quality of water is getting worse and worse by agricultural pollution and chemical pollution. There are so few fresh water, people are also extremely wasteful of water and polluted water. Sustainable development in South Africa at the world summit has been listed as one of the water crisis, the most serious challenge in the future facing humanity in the 2017 to 2025, there will be nearly half of the population living in dry areas, now lack of water or water stressed areas are expanding. In Africa, there are severe water shortages, and thousands of people have been killed by drinking water or without water. For them, water is the supreme treasure!

So, we face this limited water, what should we do? First of all, we can "start from me", from the side of the small things to start, to develop a good habit of saving water. Such as: usually washing water, wash water can be used to flush the toilet; the fish in the water can be used to water the flowers, it can speed up the flowers thrive; rice washing water can be used to wash dishes or wash cloth, go to the oil well; the washing machine to the last o times the water to wash the mop, can take out mop the floor, brush soles...... In a word, water is an invaluable resource that can not be replaced. Treasure the water is to cherish life! Finally, I call on everyone: please save every drop of water, "start from me", start from every small thing around you! - save water, is everyone's responsibility!

In China, because of the rapid economic development, electricity consumption is also more than one day. So, electricity has also bee a shortage of materials in our country. Take our family. In the hot summer, when we feel the cool wind blowing in the electric fan, the power is suddenly cut off. A stop is a stop for most of the day, we had to plain incessantly, but electricity is still parked. So, I would like to advise those who do not know how to treasure electricity, and you must not waste electricity as they used to. In the spring and autumn, the air conditioning is still open, the summer air conditioning hits ten degrees, and would rather sleep at night and cover the quilt... The lights on all night sleep, not out, also What one says is plausible. to say: "I will pay for." Can you buy everything with money, please? Can money buy electricity?

For an individual, should start from every little bit, for example, to save every drop of water, saving every penny, turn off the lights and so on; for schools, schools should hold some moral education activities, strengthen students' thrift awareness, cultivate students' moral sentiment; government officials should set an example, refused to "hedonism" so, to take the lead in promoting socialist morality, the sleeves swaying with every soft breeze.