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英语翻译~~急!  以下文字资料是由(历史新知网www.lishixinzhi.com)小编为大家搜集整理后发布的内容,让我们赶快一起来看一下吧!



The vacation is ing soon, and everybody are getting ready for the final exams. However, it doesn't s the students planning their o-months vacations. Now, let's check it out how these four students plan for their own vacations!
T: Y, today is a good day!
Y: Yes, and that would be wonderful if everyday is like that.
H: Ha
T&Y: Ouch! How scary!
H: Ha-Ha. What are you guys dicussing?
Y: We just talked about the good weather of today.
H: Er, Yes. Hey, buddies, chatting is fun. What you guys goning to do in the vacation?
T: Hey, you looks so exciting. Are you going to tell us something good?
H: Yes, and you are right. I have been looking for part time jobs. However, my sister just told me that she has helped me to find a good job just now.
Y: Really? Congratulations! But what are you going to do?
H: I am going to be a sales promotion person in a huge shopping mall.
T: Sales promotion person? That's not bad, and you need to cheer up. Y, what about you?
Y: Compared to mine, your job is pretty easier. I am going to be a server in a restaurant. And as you know that is a hard work. Moreover, I even have to take the English Band 3 exam!
T&H: Me too. We are so worried that we can't pass the exam.
N: What? What do you worry about?
T: None of your business!
N: Of course, I have registered for the English Band 3 exam too.
H: Yes, I know that. But you guys are luckier than me that you only need to take the written examination.
T: So lucky. But we need to be confident to ourselves. Right, Y?
Y: I'm not sure. Who knows? T, we have shown our plans. What about you?
T:Oh, yes. One of my brother has something to do in the cellphones, and I will be there probably.
H: That's not bad! You can stay with all kinds of cellphones!
T: But I feel so nervous too. It's far from my neighbourhood. Yo, N, don't keep silent! What is your viewpoint?
N: I'm not silent, and I just wait for the time for me to talk!
Y: Yeah? It seems that you are quite self-aware!
N: Ha-Ha. I'm not sure either. But it is clear that I am not planning to go back home in this summer vacation.
Y: Why? What happen?
N: Nothing special, and everything goes well. I want to stay in Jinan and put all my efforts on my English Band 3 exam!
Y: There are still three months for you to get preparations.
H: Yes. But I feel I just don't have too much time.
T: So that's why we should work harder! Buddies, cheer up! We are in to suess!
N: I hope so. Oh, Do you know that there is an English class around Jiahua and it is free for us to audition.
Y: Really?
N: Yes. And I was told that some foreign teacher would e. It sounds good. Will you guys go with me to see what happen?
T&H&Y: You?
N: Yes. What's wrong?
H: Never mind.
Y: I think that is a good chance. With the foreign teachers, we even can practice our oral English skills.
H: I agree with you. Y, I will join you. N, is it at the weekend morning?
N: Yes. It starts from nine and ends at 11 in the moring at the weekend. That is a three-hour-course.
T: Hey, why everybody is going suddenly?
H&Y: Yes.
Y: H, let's meet in front of the gate at 8:00am at the weekend. Does it fit you?
H: Great, and I am thinking of it either. So T, are you going to join us?
T: Actually, I am willing to be there. But I have a date on that day. You guys just go there and tell me what is going on.
N: Ok, have a good weekend.
H: Oh god, it's going to be late for the classes. Let's run!
Y: Hey yo, wait for me...

They are talking face-to-face right now
Aording to John, there will be a meeting next week.
He woke up early in order to catch the first bus.
How well did you get along with your classmate?
We are all concerned about his safety.
How are you recently?
We are best friends for ten years.
keeping oneself awake
sharing something with someone
adds up
suffered 6) 应该是 heavy 不是 heave
gone through
concerned about

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The special chinese traditional costumes are added besides pumpkin Lanterns,witch and skeletons which are the Halloween specialty.

Book a room in a KTV together with some friends and decorate it as the Halloween atmosphere,then you can enjoy yourselves.

If you are brave enough,it may be a good idea to dress up like a ghost in crowds and march in the street.


Our school reading room I love most. It was very quiet and clean, sunny, tables and chairs placed neatly, the number of the students in the study, an exam period there will be a lot of people. I like there, because there is very quiet, can you like to read the book, but also can be used to enrich their extracurricular knowledge, is also a very good learning environment, which is why I love the school reading room.

Here are the emergency measures the students of our class have discussed in the English class:
1.Once the earthquake happens, to hide under the shelters immediately and leave for the safe places as soon as the earthquake is over.
2.When the earthquake happens and you happen to be walking in the street, you'd better raise something soft like your bag on your head to protest yourself from hurting your head.
3.Once the earthquake happens, the people in the building should keep calm at the very first, never jump out of the building in a hurry.