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英语翻译~急!  以下文字资料是由(历史新知网www.lishixinzhi.com)小编为大家搜集整理后发布的内容,让我们赶快一起来看一下吧!



The proverb is the regular sentence oral spreading by the general pubulic use habitually,which responsing profound truth with simple sentences.It es from life,is the high enrichment and concentrated reflection of the national language and culture,which reflect a nation`s culture background of geography,history and religion.It is necessary to study a nation`s language for studying a nation`s culture and custom.The English proverb carries the different ethnologic culture characteristic and information,which closely related to the cultural tradition,it`s inseparable.The Cultural Factors is the difficulty of translation frequently.This text set about from Religion, historical culture and aesthetic custom, discuss the difference beeen Chinese and English proverb,and introduce three translation methods: literal translation, free translation, and the method of pensation.

1、The conditions usually responsible for these fish losses in Oklahoma were those made familiar by repetition over the years:the application of insecticides to crops a heavy rain,and poison washed into the pond.
2、Once the environment is destroyed;populations of those insects,so essential to the survival of trout take a long time to rebuild.
3、Thoughout the text,I have supplied lots of everyday examples and illustrations of natural events to help you visualize what is happening beneath on,or above the Earth's surface.
4、This book provides a general overview of Earth science with sections on all the main areas you'll find in an Earth Science classroom or individual study of the subject.
5、My hopes is that in learning of the many simple ideas and observations that changed our understanding of the way the Earth functions,you too will be encouraged to let your own creative thoughts tackle ongoing Earth science challenges.

他年轻的时候都一向工作努力(这里用used to,表明现在也还努力的。。。)

The doctor ordered her to stay in bed for a few days.
2.It's important to mast some basic knowledge of puter.
3.How I wish I had seen you at yesterday's party!
4. She let out screems when seeing a huge mouse.
5. She has brought warmth and happiness to the people around her.
6. He has won a scholarship to study abroad.
7.The leaders are making joint efforts to promote the cultural exchanges beeen the o regions.

Housemaid cafe is an emerging industry. Mainly refer to ACG among the role, by store maid of young saleswoman wear medieval European maid pretended to be a maid, serve and making many different meals, for to the shop guest edible, the maid will store cordial greetings to the guest and call "master", customer groups more predominantly male, including many otaku, ACG lovers and single men.
"Maid" early in 1998 arose in Japan akihabara electrical street, then to expand whole across Japan, now is Japan "most sprouting" oupations. In "maid cafe", you can drink and eat pizza, this and mon cafe "difference, interesting places, in some and maid interactive services, such as video game, etc., these services extra consumption. In addition, owner will not periodically party, theme, and other activities.
Most maid cafe to provide the main meal, drinks and snacks (including cakes, biscuits, etc.) is given priority to, the price is in monly middle-upper price, and dining-room were close, in part maid cafe even offer and maid interactive services, such as fortune-telling, video games, billiards who... And so on, these services extra consumption, in addition, owner will not regularly party, theme, and other activities.
Now maid coffee shop in Shanghai, nanjing and guangzhou, Taiwan and many cities are beginning to rise. "


1 He has been away from Shanghai for three days.
2 Did you enjoy yourself that day ?
3 Were you doing your homework this morning ?
4 Students are discussing problems.
5 That boy plays basketball every afternoon.
6 He said that he would attend the meeting on time.
7 Will you go to the concert with me this Sunday night?
8 I had spent about five thousand yuan by the end of last month.


1. Even tho the teacher told us to listen more, read more and write more, but until now, not many of us really did it.
2. The teacher just taught us the tenses, now we are requested to many translation questions to master it. But after the excises, there are still some students who cant use them properly, because when teacher was teaching, they did not listen carefully, didn't takes notes and try to understand the problems.
楼上一看就是网上翻译的 第二句根本不对...


The importance of advocating sustainable development in interior decoration design nowdays
To solve the high energy consumption and environmental pollution problems of interior decoration design in China, the approach of advocating sustainable development in interior decoration design was proposed in this paper. Meanwhile, from the standpoint of development direction and technical measures, this paper elaborated the irreplaceable role of this approach from several aspects such as “human nature”, “energy saving” and “green environment”, etc..
Key words: interior design; sustainable development; importance