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There are four seasons in a year. They are spring ,summer ,autumn and winter. I like summer best because I can swim. I also like winter. I can make snowman in winter.


夏天 ,烈日当空,同学们有的在操场上打篮球、有的在树下做游戏、有的在打羽毛球、羽毛球一下子跑到这边,一下子跑到那边,让人眼花缭乱、还有的在踢足球……
秋天,整个校园变成了金色的海洋,枯叶在校园里飞舞,小草和小花的叶子都变黄了,同学们也渐渐加厚了衣服,上课了,整个校园显得更安静了,只能听见风吹的声音和琅琅上口的 读书声.
Spring,the earth recover fresh and green,flower,like a fragile little princess,they sometimes zhankai flowers,some bud.
Summer,sun in the sky,the schoolmates have playing basketball on the playground,some under the tree games,some are playing badminton,badminton suddenly ran to the side,rushed to the other side,make a person dazzling,the others are playing football...
Autumn,the whole campus turned golden ocean,leaves flying in the campus,grass and floret leaves are turning yellow,students also gradually thick clothes,class,the whole campus appear more quiet,can only hear the wind blow of voice and catchy DouShuSheng.
Winter,winter grandpa quietly e,we would have put on the cotton-padded jacket,wear a hat.The grass is put on the rope do cotton-padded jacket,grass and floret didn't also prepared winter grandpa's preparation,so "cold".This is our eyes of the four seasons.


Springtime’s full of fresh new things.
The trees are very green.
April showers fill the earth,
with sunshine warm in spring.
Seasons e and seasons go,
changing all the time.
Summertime and sunshine.
With sky and sea so blue.
Warm breezes blow as fields do grow,
with the sun so hot in summer.
Seasons e and seasons go,
changing all the time.
Autumn leaves are painted gold.
The trees all shed the leaves.
Breezes blow a little cold,
with sun set orange seas.
Seasons e and seasons go,
changing all the time.
Winter’s white and snowing bright.
The trees have lost their leaves.
Breezes cold and frosty toes.
Now wintertime is here.

(my week)五年级英语五句作文加翻译

Today is the weekend,I finally can not go to school,I am very happy.I decided to go shopping,buy some daily necessities.And then to buy a book about space travel.Yes,I want to go to the movies,today at half price,so lucky.
It is a funny day


The Four seasons
A year has four seasons.Every season has three months.The weather of one season is different from that of any other.The life cycles of plants are controlled by the seasons.
The first season is spring.The three months in it are March,April and May.During that time we have warm weather and fine days.All plants e to life.Animals wake up from hibernation.It is time for farmers to get ready for their fields.
The second season is summer.The three months are June,July and August.The weather is very hot and it often rains.People can go swimming and sightseeing.It is time for all things to grow up.
The third season is autumn.The three months are September,October and November.The weather bees cooler and cooler.Leaves begin to fall to the ground.It is the harvest time for farmers.
The fourth season is winter.December,January and February are the three months of that season.The weather is very cold,and most of the plants die at that time.Sometimes it snows.People can enjoy skating and skiing.But winter doesn' t stay with us for a long time,for spring es again soon.

关于英语作文my plan五年级五句

英语作文【My plan】
I made a plan for the next month. First I will review the English words since there will be an exam next month. Then I'll do some houswork. My parents work hard. So I’ll try to help them. Then, I'll go for a trip. I'll enjoy fresh air, do some sightseeing. It's good for my health. At last, I'll spend one hour a day to do some sports. I want to keep healthy and strong. I'm sure I can finish my plan.

急求五年级英语作文 this is my day只要五句话

This is my day
I get up at enty past six.At seven o'clock,I eat breakfast.Then, I go to school by bus.I have lunch at school.I go back my home at five.After homework,Igo to bed at nine o'clock.


 In the spring,everything bee green,the grass e out,there are flowers everywhere.
In the summer,it's very hot,you can hear birds chirping in the tree and frogs singing in the riverside. In the autumn, everything bee yellow,the fruits are mature,and wheat is ripe,it's the harvest time.
In the winter, it snows here. Everything is covered with whiteness.
How beautifel my hometown is!But I like winter the best.I can make a snowman and play outdoor.It is so exciting.


I have a party on my eleven birthday, many friends give me the present. There is a doll, a pen, a music box, a notebook, a book and a flower. My faverite present is the flower. The flower is very beautiful. Its colour is red. I like to smell it. I put it in a bottle of water. My mother says it is a rose. I can plant it in the pot. I water the flower everyday. I wish it can be beautiful forever.


There are four seasons in one year. They are spring, summer, autumn and winter. In different season, we can do different things. In Spring, we can go out side and plant some trees. In Summer, we can go for a holiday, and swim in the cool water. In autumn, we can have cool weather, and do some outside avtivities, for example, we can climb the mountains. In the end, it is winter, and this is my favorite season. I like snow,. When it snows, I can play with my friends and make snowman, it is so happy.