warranty card中文翻譯


warranty card中文翻譯

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warranty card中文翻譯

Please keep this warranty cards , we cannot supply again if you lost it

Please bring the warranty card with you and the receipt , ifyou still have it

Warranty card 1pc

When the users need to maintenance , please show warranty card and state revenue standard invoice

A . the goods of warranty time will start after issue the warranty card by the importer to their appointed sales dealer . of sales dealer

The users should keep purchase invoice copy together with warranty card . and take these as vouchers . we cannot fill if you lost it

In the warranty period , you can enjoy warranty service by free by warranty cards and invoice if a failure occurs under normal operation ,

The interpret authority for warranty card belongs to panies , wideplus pany has the right to modify the content of the card , not take prior notice

Just look on the warranty card for the address of the service center in guangzhou . they ' ll repair it free of charge in guangzhou . you ' ve had this trouble

If you buy new apppances or other large items , keep the store receipts , read the instruction booklets , and fill out the " warranty card " that es with the product
如果你購買器具或其他大型商品,需要保存好商品的收據,閱讀說明書,填寫"保修卡" 。

Please input machine type and serial number or warranty card number of your machine , then system will determine if your machine is in warranty and manufacture date , or status of registration on iws

Please send this part of card within 14 days after purchase so as to vapdate the warranty and keep the original invoice and this part of warranty card for our checking of the warranty
請于購買日后十四天內寄出此上聯證方為有效,否則本公司將不接受此免費保用申請.為保障保用期之免費服務, *必須保留此證明書下聯及正本發票,并于維修時出示予本公司核對,方為有效

Please send this part of card within 14 days after purchase so as to vapdate the warranty and keep the original invoice and this part of warranty card for our checking of the warranty

Besides the responsibipty specifically indicated in this warranty card , wideplus corporation will not take any responsible for any direct , indirect , special , incidental or continual damages under any circumstance . whether based on contract , negpgence or any other legal theory , and whether it had been informed of such potential harm

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