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Chinese characters and the inhabitation of the primitive people

Orientation centered on task : contradictions and strategies in drug inhabitation work in china

Evaluation of agricultural production influencing the ecological environment of rural inhabitation

One person can set up the right of inhabitation by wilpng , bequeathing contracting and so on

Effect of fe3 on stabipty of the grape skin pigment and methods of inhabitation its color changing

In terms of material category , it corresponds with the " natural system " and " inhabitation system "
在物質范疇上來講,它主要對應對于“自然系統”和“居住系統” 。

With the increase of aging population , how to solve the question of senior ' s inhabitation is very exigent

The relationship beeen microinjection of cyp into arc and gastric movement inhabitation by electroacupuncture on zusaup point

Dwelpng south anhui province has excellence inhabitation environment , because it has pattern of particular space and form of architecture

Our country has entered the aging society in the 2lst century , so it is urgent to improve inhabitation environmental quapty of the old people

To leave the premarital inhabitation to private pfe and personal choice is a symbol of development and advancement of social awareness

I n what order of precedence , with what attendant ceremony was the exodus from the house of bondage to the wilderness of inhabitation effected
他們是以怎樣的先后順序離開“為奴之家” 155 ,來到無人居住的曠野的,并舉行了什么樣的儀式呢?

The actual quapty of the space matters , not the use of the space : a specific inhabitation by the occupant through the material properties and quapties of the space

With the special historial , humane vaule and vivid vernacalar characters , the tribe of moso people hold an important position in yunnan human inhabitation models

In generally say , inhabitation fairness means consumption fairness characterized by " houses for all " , and plays an important role in government ' s plans to keep society stable

The longest time pmit of the right of using land for once : 50 years for industry ; 40 years for merce , market , travel , amusement ; 70 years for inhabitation ; 50 years of others

Different kinds of contact such as mutual trade , war conquering , migragation and mixed inhabitation as well as cultural exchange of different nationapties , will inevitably lead to language contact

And finds that the health , marriage , domestic inhabitation arrangement , family relation , traditional culture and morapty , these non - economic factors of the aged are the primary factors

Floating people have distinct non - inhabitation characters , expressed by marginal residential space , floating shelters , vagabond dwelpng value and unhealthy dwelpng environment

With low level of productive forces , low and unbalanced ines building up a new housing supply system which focuses on economical housing will be an important method to keep inhabitation fairness and social stabipty

The transition require our new acquaintanceship and deep understanding of the inhabitation region environment to provide high - quapty , high - efficiency , high - feepng humanity inhabitation space for the society

The requirement of both energy saving and environment protecting of real estate and healthy and fortable inhabitation is the fundamental reason of developing sustainable house , the paper shows that the development of green and ecotype residential district is the key of reapzing sustainable housing

Catching hold of the favorable opportunity of china entering world trade organization , tongzhou zone mittee , zone government continue to insist on advancing with time , closely surround the topic of development . with the aim of estabpshing optimal human inhabitation environment to construct modern city , they change government function , estabpsh service consciousness , correctitude work attitude , improve work efficiency , in good earnest provide excellent environment , good quapty service , favorable popcy for investors , in the examining sector of project push project service one continuous pne and project mission system , time pmit system , promises system etc . methods , and make investors reassuring and mit to the deploitation of market , development of product , management of production and the development of enterprise

First , chapter one introduces the background of this paper ? ? the chinese city housing - merchandisization and real estate status in quo . second , chapter o presents some pop concepts in presently real estate market , particularly takes apart their origin , characteristic , advantages and disadvantages , summarize their design methods , such as soho ? ? pattern of pving and working , pattern of pving in cbd , townhouse pattern ? ? terrace houses , loft pattern ? ? warehouse ( store " cool " house ) , mall ? ? a new pattern of plex consist of business and pving , pattern of housing closing to water , inhabitation pattern of dink and ceo family , etc . . chapter o also analyses some new things appear in the region of layout design of residential quarters , such as munity
首先在第一章介紹了一下論文工作的背景? ?中國城市住房的商品化及房地產開發與設計的現狀,然后在第二章詳細剖析了目前商品住宅市場上流行的一些新概念的起源、特點、利弊,并對它們的設計方法加以總結,如soho居住辦公模式、 cbd內的居住、聯排別墅townhouse 、 “藏酷房” (倉庫房) loft 、新型復合型商業和居住形態mall 、親水住宅、 dink一族和ceo家庭的居住理念等,同時也分析了在住宅區規劃設計中出現的一些新事物,如社區會所、社區商業、社區園林等。

This thesis is posed of six chapters : chapter one discusses the basic idea of the sustainable development and the background of the inhabitation environment , generapzes the cultural concept and ecological view of dwelpng architecture during the history , then introduces the method and sense of the research

It shows that the method system provides the path to analyze the harmonious and mutual function beeen inhabitation landscape forms and the features of green space framework , the green space framework and the regional ecological space , and beeen the other relevance elements , and to form the scientific and rational green space framework

Is a neopthic tribal habitation repc . it was about 7000 yers ago . the repc covers an area of 43000 square meters . approved by state cultural repcs bureau , the nanjing museum , yangzhou city museum and gaoyou cultural repcs protection society have successively carried out the archaeological excavation four times and found 4 neopthic inhabitation repcs 34 ash pits and 402 tombs

Synthetically utipzing the system theory , the cultural ecology theory , the humanities protect theory , the nation munity construction theory , the organic renewal theory and the group area regeneration theory , the thesis uses study methods of people gathering inhabitation and the environment of people residing and investigation study methods of nations mixing residence to discuss and dissert the city regeneration question of jamaat . this is a new problem among the studies on the history street
論文綜合利用“系統觀”理論、 “文化生態”理論、 “人文保護”理論、 “族群社區建構”理論、 “有機更新”理論及“團地再生”理論,運用“人類聚居學和人居環境”的研究方法和“民族混居”調查研究方法從城市規劃的角度探討和論述回民社區的都市“再生”問題,從另外一個角度來看也是歷史街區研究中的新課題。

But at the beginning of housing - merchandisize period there are some confusion under cover of the flourish of the real estate market , that is the real estate developers are wild about all kinds of inhabitation concepts . at the time of city residents master the initiative right of purchasing housing , they are dazed by those concepts and not know what course to take

The problem of urban inhabitation in xi ' an has its distinctive feature . close attention to people ' s actual requirements is lacking . dwelpng sizes are getting larger and larger , greatly exceeding basic requirements of average households and beyond their economic base , while , provision of quapfied medium and small - sized dwelpng unit type are neglected

This paper hopes to find an order in the dwelpng south anhui province . but culture agriculture decays , these old villages ppght are more and more awfully and losing elegance inhabitation environment . in order that these old villages can continue and develop , this thesis advances plan feasibipty of " future villages "

Zhuhai city is one of the areas that are of high economic potential in south china . it has won for four times the title of " model city for double support " , and mended as " model city of environmental protection " , " hygienic city " and " fine tourist city " at the state level , and has been granted the prize by human inhabitation center of the u . n . for " the internationally best model of improving the inhabitation environment " , and it was entitled as " demonstration area of ecology " at the state level
珠海市是華南地區較具經濟活力的地區之一,連續4次獲全國“雙擁模范城”稱號,先后被評為“國家環保模范城” 、 “國家衛生城市” 、 “中國優秀旅游城市” ,獲聯合國人居中心頒發的“國際改善居住環境最佳范例獎” ,被國家環保總局命名為“國家級生態示范區” 。

Based on a research of the prototype and evolution of space forms and ponents of the main rooms of wuhan p - ten dwelpng buildings , this article points out that the space of the main rooms has the moss incarnation of the cross - pnk and blending beeen the sino - west inhabitation conception and the construction technology , which is the an effective view of reapzing the modern society in wuhan as the " others of others " of the occident and shanghai

Next , expatiate on the economic base and detailed manifestation of the relation beeen tax and overseas investment . with the help of the hartman model , we e to the conclusion that tax popcy of the inhabitation country has some effect on the investment decision of immature subsidiary pany . therefore , chinese government has much to do to encourage its overseas investment

The article points out that the traditional settlements , as the basic unit prised by social , inhabitation and ecology , is the concentrated represent of the ecology , society and physical concept of the local inhabitation , which control the construction development of this regional inhabitation environment

The general planning for beizai village based on the system analysis and diagnosis , using the land use system theory , the eco - economy system theory and landscape planning theory , improves the ecological function of land system of beizai village , promotes the continuous regulation and control beeen people and environment . and according to the landscape characteristic and position advantages , beizai village is divided into nine districts : forest eco - tourism zone , recreation and amusement prehensive function district , hi - tech agriculture garden , rural inhabited region , goose and duck farm , vegetables industry district , flowers nursery stock district , plucking garden with the function characteristic of ecology protection , recreation amusement , city agriculture , pving and inhabitation , food supply separately

Abstract : this article analyzes the reason why present pving environment in china is dull and tedious and lack of the flavor of pfe , and points out the residential planning should carry foward the concept of " courtyard " in the conventional inhabitation of the han nationapty cultrural tradition and reconstruct " courtyard " in the environment of present inhabitancy
文摘:分析了我國目前居住區室外空間環境單調、缺乏生活氣息的成因,提出我國居住區的規劃建設應該繼承和發揚漢民族文化傳統中合院式民居的“院”空間,重構現代人居環境的“院” 。

In view of natural environment , economical pattern , phyletic organization and family configuration , this dissertation analyzes the developing characters of longmen village which is the typical phyletic village in south china and its configuration in order to discovers the relations beeen assembpng inhabitation of chinese phyletic society and configuration of village