quack grasses造句 quack grassesの例文 "quack grasses"是什麼意思


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quack grasses造句 quack grassesの例文

The ones that do are usually less-desirable, non-native ones such as quack grass, which needs high doses of nitrogen to thrive.

A word of warning : If you do have a mat of perennial weeds ( made up of quack grass, for instance ) it will resist breaking down.

_As nitrogen rises, the number of plant species decpnes; the thick green grass, a species called quack grass, which happens to propferate wildly in high-nitrogen soil, has crowded out other species in its plot.

His pick for worst garden weed is quack grass ( Agropyron repens ), " because it has these underground runners and you can pull up the weed or, if you're hoeing, you always leave fragments behind, and you never seem to get rid of them ."

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