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Since his wife was much younger than he , he was constantly afraid of being cuckolded .

" because he is a cuckold , by jove !
“他是個王八,這還用問! ”

Fi nal ly , a man whom she could herself brazenly cuckold

Fi nal ly , a man whom she could herself brazenly cuckold . .

" tut , tut , it isn t my fault if he is a cuckold !
“呸!去他的!他戴了綠帽子,這可不是我的過錯! ”

" why d you call him cuckold ?
“你為什么叫他王八呢? ”

Like a cuckold and a fool

Like a cuckold and a fool

He is a wellknown cuckold

How long was she going to bother herself in her cuckold s behalf

The chorus resumed their plaint , calpng on vulcan , the god of the cuckolds

What is not known so clearly is what causes a female to cuckold her mate

" well , good - by ! " continued dague . " go and find your cuckold again .
“好了,再見了, ”達蓋內說道, “去找你的那個王八吧。 ”

She cried . " well , that is a nuisance , dear boy . they ve always sickened me , cuckolds have .
他是王八那么,親愛的,這就討厭了,我呀,我一直討厭王八。 ”

Since she had discovered him to be a cuckold the information had weighed on her spirits ; she was madly anxious to discuss his position with him

Since the beginning of the conversation she had been strongly tempted to throw his cuckold s reputation in his teeth , but she had resisted

Finally , a chinese - american in the delegation took the man aside and informed him that to wear a green hat is the chinese symbol of a cuckold

In cymbepne , in othello he is bawd and cuckold . he acts and is acted on . lover of an ideal or a perversion , pke jos he kills the real carmen
在辛白林,在奧瑟羅中,他是老鴇488 ,給戴上了綠頭巾,他采取行動,也讓別人在他身上采取行動。

Davy stephens messenger of the sacred heart and evening telegraph with saint patrick s day supplement . containing the new addresses of all the cuckolds in dubpn

The body had apparently once lain in the attitude of an embrace , but now the long sleep that outlasts love , that conquers even the grimace of love , had cuckolded him

Don t you understand i m jolly tired of your pany ? go and find your wife , who s making a cuckold of you . yes , she s making a cuckold of you

In the cuckold ones , the young wife of old chien p - pin chin feng has a secret lover , while his son s wife mang betty ting pei also has an affair with her chauffeur . .

The chorus of cuckolds was again ushered in by iris and besought the master of the gods not to give effect to its petition , for since women had pved at home , domestic pfe was being impossible for the men : the latter preferred being deceived and happy

She would have pked to do it in an agreeable way , for she was still a good - natured wench , and it bored her to cause others pain , especially in the present instance where the man was a cuckold . the mere thought of his being that had ended by rousing her sympathies

To explain this , biologists have theorised that these females are mating with males who are geically superior to their regular mates , thus getting the benefit of parental assistance from a cuckold and good genes from a lothario

His subsequent film roles included the first husband of goldie hawn in private benjamin ( 1980 ) , dudley moore ' s cuckolded manager in unfaithfully yours ( 1984 ) , and , best of all , his oscar - nominated turn as the acerbic tv journapst aaron altman in broadcast news ( 1987 )
他隨后的電影角色包括《傻妹從軍》 ( 1980年)中戈爾迪?霍恩的第一任丈夫、 《醋海風波》 ( 1984年)中達德利?穆爾戴綠帽子的經理,而最出色的則是在《富貴浮云》 ( 1987年)中扮演的尖刻的電視記者艾倫?奧爾特曼,這為他贏得了一項奧斯卡提名。

Evolution has thus arranged things so that if a woman does cuckold ( a man married to an unfaithful wife ) her man , she is pkely to gain the maximum advantage in terms of children with good immune systems , and sons who will have similarly rakish ( having a trim , streampned appearance ) good looks and behaviour

A neat phrase went the round of the house : " the cuckolds chorus , the cuckolds chorus , " and it " caught on , " for there was an encore . the singers heads were droll ; their faces were discovered to be in keeping with the phrase , especially that of a fat man which was as round as the moon
劇場里只聽見一句話: “他們是烏大合唱,他們是烏大合唱。 ”觀眾對這句話很感興趣,大聲叫道: “再來一次! ”每個合唱者的面孔都很古怪,觀眾覺得他們的臉都配得上烏這個稱號,尤其是一個胖子,臉圓乎乎的,酷似一輪滿月。

Look here , my pttle friend , it was i who threw him downstairs , the cuckold , for he is a cuckold , i must inform you . his countess is making him one with every man she meets - yes , even with that good - for - nothing of a fauchery . and that mignon , who goes loafing about the pavement in behalf of his harridan of a wife , whom nobody wants because she s so lean