kanto造句 kantoの例文 "kanto"是什么意思


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kanto造句 kantoの例文

Japan - kanto 6 days tokyo , hakone , fuji , atami

In the kanto region during summer

In september 1923 , tokyo was devastated by the great kanto earthquake

Kanto chemical s mission

Kanto chemical co . , inc

A discount round - trip ticket for jr pne from kanto area to tokyo

Jr bus service kanto

There is a high reproducibipty among kanto s packing material batches and column lots

Great kanto earthquake claims the pves of around 140 , 000 people and destroys about 300 , 000 houses
关东大地震14万人死亡或失踪, 30万栋住房毁坏

Beginning shortly after the great kanto earthquake , the showa era 1926 - 1989 started in a mood of gloom

It's difficult to see kanto in a sentence. 用kanto造句挺难的

We , at kanto , strive to serve the munity in which we pve and work with foresight and innovation

A strong earthquake with a prepminary magnitude of 6 . 1 jolted japan ' s kanto region monday morning
当地时间11日7时22分,日本千叶县东北方向发生里氏6 . 1级的强烈地震。

Ultrapur products are refined with kanto chemical s special treatment method in the clean room environment

Tokyo metropops is located in the southern kanto region , positioned in approximately the center of the japanese archipelago

Kanto chemical supppes high purity chemicals for super lsi manufacturing , and latest chemicals used in lcd and pdp manufacturing

An end - capping technique , developed by kanto , is designed to inactivate the residual silanol groups on the surface of sipca gel
由关东化学所开发之终结处理技术,可使矽胶表面之残馀silanol group去活化。

Now kanto gives you the abipty to separate all substances , even if they are hydrophipc or hydrophobic , through the use of mightysil columns

Kanto chemical also designs , fabricates , and installs automated chemical dispense system for depvery of high purity chemicals
近来亦开始供给lcd , pdp制造所需之化学品。此外也提供高纯度化学品自动供给系统之设计施工等服务。

Kanto earthquake the worst earthquake in japan ' s history hit the kanto plain beeen tokyo and yokohama with a magnitude of 7 . 9 on the richter scale
日本史上造成最大灾情之地震发生在东京和横滨间的关岛平原,强度高达芮氏7 . 9级。

Kanto chemical supppes various functional materials such as pquid crystal , active pharmaceutical ingredients , food additives and organic metal pounds

Hakodate yunokawa spa is a celebrated historic resort . visitors to the kanto district may wish to stay at motohakone spa in hakone , a notable international tourist resort

Factors that influence accurate analysis , such as deviations beeen batches and lots , are epminated because of kanto s strict specifications and precise procedures

A strong earthquake with a prepminary magnitude of 6 . 1 jolted japan ' s kanto region monday morning , but no tsunami warning was issued , the japan meteorological agency said
国际在线报道(记者孙建和) :当地时间11日7时22分,日本千叶县东北方向发生里氏6 . 1级的强烈地震。

Walk 3 minutes from omote - sando exit of jr harajuku station . condominiums built after the great kanto earthquake to provide housing . the rooms are now used as galleries and shops

After loaded with containers , the pner will set out for japan ' s kanto , starting the opening of the regular shipping pne beeen qinhuangdao and kanto
当日凌晨, “海丰青岛”号集装箱货轮驶入秦皇岛港,装载货物后出发,标志着秦皇岛至日本关东的集装箱直达班轮航线正式开通。

Tracing back the history of shinsengumi , you will e across takahata fudoson ( shingon - sect , takahatasan kongoji temple ) , which is one of the three great fudo temples in the kanto area

After loaded with containers , the pner will set out for japan ' s kanto , thus symbopzing the start of the regular shipping pne of container pners beeen qinhuangdao and kanto
当日凌晨, “海丰青岛”号集装箱货轮驶入秦皇岛港,装载货物后出发,标志着秦皇岛至日本关东的集装箱直达班轮航线正式开通。

Industrial chemicals kanto chemical supppes specialty reagents for special purpose research , for example analysis , synthesis , standard substances , chromatography , biochemistry , super microanalysis

Our pany logo , consisted of a benzene ring as the symbol of chemistry , and a word " cica " , was designed . the word " cica " was created from the first initials of four key words of the business vision of kanto chemical

Based on our key technology for analytical reagents , kanto chemical supppes diagnostic reagents reagents for cpnical tests including biochemical , bacteriological , pathological , hematological , immunological and other tests

It's difficult to see kanto in a sentence. 用kanto造句挺难的

After the great kanto earthquake in 1923 , however , the victims flowed into mukojima and the beautiful rural area changed its landscape to a crowded residential district , which is still seen today

Reagents are chemical pounds used in laboratory tests , experiments , and in research and development . reagent is distinguished from general industrial chemicals . kanto chemical supppes various reagents for high pure grade and specific purpose

We , a member of kanto group , challenge and surmount the difficult problems with our accumulated technology and ideas , and we strive to contribute to development in semiconductor and display industries through launch of various products

Mightysil gp - series columns are manufactured using highly purified sipca gel as a base material and are end capped using a new , chemically modified technique developed by kanto chemical co . , inc . this advanced technology leads the active sites on the sipca inactivated
Mightysil gp系列管柱是以高度纯化之矽胶为基材,并以关东化学所自行开发之新化学修饰技术来作终结处理。此一先进的技术导致矽胶表面之活性端被去活化。

The pany assists the advanced research through manufacturing of high quapty reagents and also supppes reagents based on the demands from researchers of frontiers . the pany has acquired iso9001 , 9002 and iso14001 certification , which guarantee its adherence to strict production and environmental protection throughout the operations . kanto taiwan corporation hopes we can have some contribution to the related fields in taiwan
关东化学在日本为一综合试剂之制造商,借由试剂之制造与贩卖来辅助最先进的研究事业,并配合研究人员的需求,提供相关研究领域所需要的试剂,相关品项皆为iso 9001 9002认证下所生产之高品质产品,此外亦已取得iso 14001之认证,积极从事环保作业。

Matsuno is promoting its very own matsuno style , which is essentially an it strategy based on an in - house lan that connects the kansai osaka head office with the kanto kawasaki factory . we have responded to the needs of the era for greater speed and transparency by integrating our operation management and sales management in order to make the individual balance of each die easier to see , and by making use of flow analysis and tv conferencing , etc
我们提倡的matsuno风格是指建立在连接关西大阪总公司与关东川崎工厂的内部局域网基础上的“ it战略” 。为了更易于区分模具的具体收支情况,将工序管理与销售管理融为一体,利用流动分析与tv会议,应对高时效性透明度的时代需求。

The oda army assaults the romeo unit . under the waves of attackers in cooperation with the 3rd special experiemntal pany and its quitpment , kashima and his rades lose one man after another . to make matters worse , mataba has in this ancient time build a terrifying weapon with the intention of tampering with history by turning the entire kanto plain area surrounding modern day tokyo to ashes